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AMYLOMICS is an acronym for the European project “AMYLOenzymes “ captured by targeted metagenOMICS that is funded by EU in the 7th framework program. The aim is to develop new, robust enzymes for the starch and carbohydrate industries. The enzymes should enable the formation of new primary products, such as oligosaccharides of defined sizes, composition and degree of branching, new types of linkages, cyclic or more complex polysaccharides, increased digestive resistance, and secondary sugar derivatives such as substituted starches and polyols. Fundamental to the success of the project will be the development of an efficient platform technology for enzyme screening based on Targeted Metagenomics, which comprises: microbial enrichment techniques, massive parallel 454 sequencing and microarray based sequence capture. 

Lu representative;

Eva Nordberg Karlsson

Participating researchers:

Javier Linares-Pasten

K Zubaida G Ara