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About us

The Division of Biotechnology at Lund University was founded in 1985 and is located at the Kemicentrum (Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) in Lund. During the past 26 years, both the number of research areas and the number of people have grown. Today the division consists of about 45 researchers, PhD students and staff, and is visited by around 10 master students and 20 international guest researchers every year.

The research activities at the division are focused on various aspects of environmental-, analytical-, food- medical- and industrial biotechnology and consist of both basic and applied research. Every year around 5 PhD students graduate from the division of Biotechnology.

The division of Biotechnology takes active part in teaching at the undergraduate level in the Biotechnology Engineering programme and International Masters programme in Biotechnology at Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University. The division is responsible for 8 undergraduate courses, two independent courses and a course program for PhD students.