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Ph.D. Theses
Jonstrup, Maria (2011) Treatment of textile wastewaters using combinations of biological and physico-cemical methods

Terrazas, Enrique (2005) Fungal redox enzymes involved in the oxidation of organic pollutants 

Jonstrup, M., Punzi, M., Mattiasson, B. Comparison of photo-Fenton oxidation coupled to anaerobic pre-treatment or arobic post-treatment for degradation of azo dyes, Journal of Photochemistry and photobiology A, in press

Mendoza, L., Jonstrup, M., Hatti-Kaul, R., Mattiasson, B. Azo dye decolorization by a laccase/mediator system in a membrane reactor: enzyme and mediator reusability. Accepted for publication in Enzyme and Microbial Technology.

Jonstrup, M., Kumar, N., Murto, M., Mattiasson, B. Sequential anaerobic-aerobic treatment of azo dyes: decolourisation and amine degradability. Desalination, in press.

Jonstrup, M., Wärjerstam, M. Murto, M., Mattiasson, B. Immobilisation of TiO2 for combined photocatalytic-biological azo dye degradation. Water Science and Technology 62, 525-531 (2010).

Axelsson, J., Nilsson, U., Terrazas, E., Alvarez Aliaga, T.,  Welander, U. Decolorization of the textile dyes Reactive Red 2 and Reactive Blue 4 using Bjerkandera sp. Strain BOL 13 in a continuous rotating biological contactor reactor. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 39, 32-37 (2006)

Nilsson, I., Moller, A., Mattiasson, B., Rubindamayugi, M.S.T., Welander, U.  Decolorization of synthetic and real textile wastewater by the use of white-rot fungi. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 38, 94-100 (2006)

Master Theses
Punzi, Marisa (2010) Assessment of biological, chemical and combined treatments for color removal and COD reduction of azo dyes at labscale

Önnby, Linda (2008) Treatment of wastewater from a textile dye industry in Kanpur, India

Jonstrup, Maria (2007) Combined photocatalytic-fungal degradation of azo dyes

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