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Removal of heavy metals from wastewater

To immobilize environmental pollutants, different strategies can be used and one is to use adsorbents. At the department of biotechnology, different adsorbents are being developed, characterized and evaluated for capture of heavy metals and metalloids, such as copper and arsenic, to be used in large scale. Adsorbents for environmental applications should be reusable, mechanically stable and efficient in removing the target pollutant. Most of the adsorbent systems are based on porous, spongy and highly interconnected gels, cryogels. In recent projects, carbon based adsorbents have been used as well. The adsorbents can be applied in columns or in stirred tank reactors, depending on where the environmental pollutant is found. Removing pollutants from water environments is one step towards a sustainable development.


Supervisors: Bo Mattiasson