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Sorting molecules and cells

Research in the area of bioseparation has traditionally dealt with development of procedures for isolation of specific biomolecules, or for development of new separation media. The development today is at a breakthrough such that several new trends can be identified that are growing and soon will constitute separate research areas:

  • Materials for cell separation/ cultivation and their application in medical technology
  • Environmental separation
  • Process analytical technology (PAT) for downstream processing

The activities can be divided into the following areas:

Development and applications of cryogels

  • New types of superporous gels
  • Cryogels for operation in stirred tank reactors
  • Designed cryogels for enzyme/cell immobilization
  • Cryogels as scaffolds for cell cultivation
  • New technology for affinity separation of cells
  • Cryogels for applications in environmental separation

Development and applications of smart polymers and smart surfaces

  • Using smart surfaces with boronates for cell colonization
  • Smart boronate polymers in biosensors for glucose

Simulated moving bed technology for efficient protein purification

  • Large scale processes for bulk proteins
  • SMB and affinity chromatography

Use of molecular imprinting technology combined with suitable process technology for design of processes for removal of pollutants present in waste water at low concentrations

  • Enrichment for later destruction of endocrine disruptors
  • Capture of pharmaceuticals from waste water