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Disposable bioreactors for therapeutic protein production

In this project we are designing supermacroporous hydrogels from polymeric materials coated with different substrates as a polymeric support for the cultivation of hybridoma and other mammalian cells and developing a continuous process for monoclonal antibody and other therapeutic protein production. The idea is to develop such matrices which can be used as disposable bioreactors for cultivation of mammalian cells and secretion of the therapeutic proteins. The cell cultivation is being carried out in a monolithic column mode with a total volume of 250 ml. The reactor is also designed by packing beads which are filled with cells immobilized in the cryogel matrix. Culture medium composition is also optimized which plays an important role for cultivation of mammalian cells and increasing the therapeutic protein production.

Supervisor: Ashok Kumar
Researcher: Suthasinee Nilsang and Vishal Nehru