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Renewable energy

A sustainable bioenergy system should:
1. be resource efficient
2. have a high energy efficiency
3. have maximized environmental benefits and
4. be cost efficient.

These four issues are addressed in the bioenergy research at Department of Biotechnology, with focus on the biogas production process. To produce biogas from residuals is an established concept, but challenging research issues are how to improve microbial and operational efficiency of the systems. To further increase the potential contribution of biogas into our energy supply system, one alternative is to utilize energy crops.

Here, cost efficiency is a great challenge, which in our research is addressed by:
- Improved energy efficiency, giving higher net energy output. This is achieved by optimized process design, improved process control, or pretreatment of substrates for higher conversion rates.
- Quantification and optimisation of the environmental benefits that are inherent in the process. 
-  Biorefinery concepts, where higher value products are combined with biogas production to ensure sustainability.

Contact: Emma Kreuger