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Biogas processes

The department of Biotechnology has a far-reaching expertise in the design and optimisation of biogas processes. We possess specific competence in biogas production from various material such as residues from farming and food processing as well as energy crops.  We can help out with experiments in small scale reactors for optimisation studies and have the possibility to test the process in pilot scale at our biogas research station at Anneberg.

The station for Biogas oriented research at Anneberg is situated in close connection to a crop farm. It is an important site for demonstration and for getting increased acceptance of farm based biogas technology. The research station consists of a wide range of test reactors in 1-350 m3 scale which are useful as test rigs in the ongoing biogas research. The set-up allows many types of process design to be investigated and new methods for on-line process monitoring to be evaluated.
For a successful project close co-operation between research and agriculture is necessary. The project is managed by Prof. Bo Mattiasson and Dr. Lovisa Björnsson at the Department of Biotechnology, Lund University together with Agricultural Technologist Kjell Christensson. The studies are carried out at Lund University and at the Research Station Anneberg situated in the municipality of Svalöv.

For more information about setting up a project contact technology coordinator  Maria Andersson