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Eva Nordberg Karlsson

Professor Head of Division

Research interest: The research focus is within the area “enzymes of extremophilic microorganisms”, especially concerning thermostable glycoside hydrolases (including representatives from GH-family 1, 3, 10, 12 and 13). 
The studies involve biochemical structure/function-related studies of enzymes with a biotechnological potential. It is ranging from cloning and molecular development to production and characterization.

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phone: +46 46 222 4626

Publications Eva Nordberg Karlsson

Eva Nordberg Karlsson (Prof)

List of Publications

Numbers in square brackets give number of citations using Web of Science (W) or Google Scholar (GS), updated 160201. h-index 25(GS), 20(W).

Five most cited papers

1. Turner, P., Mamo, G., & Nordberg Karlsson, E. Potential and utilization of thermophiles and thermostable enzymes in biorefining. (2007) Microb cell fact, 6: 9 (doi:10.1186/1475-2859-6-9) [Highly accessed] [162W, 305GS]

2. Abou Hachem, M., Nordberg Karlsson, E., Bartonek-Roxå, E., Raghothama, S., Simpson, P. J., Gilbert, H. J., Williamson, M.P. and Holst, O. (2000) Carbohydrate binding modules from a thermostable Rhodothermus marinus xylanase: Cloning, expression and binding studies. Biochem. J. 345, 53-60 [76W, 87GS]

3. Åkesson, M., Nordberg Karlsson E., Hagander, P., Axelsson, J.-P. and Tocaj, A. (1999) Acetate formation and dissolved oxygen responses to feed transients in Escherichia coli cultivations. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 64, 590-598 [73W, 101GS]

4. Turner, C., Turner, P., Jacobson, G., Waldebäck, M., Sjöberg, P., Nordberg Karlsson, E., and Markides, K. (2006) Subcritical water extraction and beta-glucosidase-catalyzed hydrolysis of quercetin in onion waste. Green Chemistry 8, 949-959 [63W, 78GS]

5. Deraz, S. F., Nordberg Karlsson, E., Hedström, M., Andersson, M.M., and Mattiasson, B. (2005) Purification and characterization of acidocin D20079, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus acidophilus DSM20079, J. Biotechnol. 117, 343-354 [58W, 111 GS]

Original papers

1. Tania Pozzo, Javier Romero-García, Magda Faijes Antoni Planas, Eva Nordberg Karlsson. (2016) Construction of the first thermostable β-glucosynthase derived from glycoside hydrolase family 3. Glycobiology (accepted)

2. Peter Falck, Javier A. Linares-Pastén, Patrick Adlercreutz, Eva Nordberg Karlsson. Characterization of a family 43 β-xylosidase from the xylooligosaccharide utilizing putative probiotic Weissella strain 92. Glycobiology (2016) 26 (2): 193-202, online October 22, 2015 doi:10.1093/glycob/cwv092.

3. Rather, MY, Ara KZG, Nordberg Karlsson E, Adlercreutz P. (2015) Characterization of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferases (CGTases) and their application for synthesis of alkyl glycosides with oligomeric head group. Process Biochemistry, 50: 722-728 (doi:10.1016/j.procbio.2015.02.016) [5GS]

4. Paul CJ, Leemhuis H, Dobruchowska J M., Grey C., Onnby L., van Leeuwen S S., Dijkhuizen L, and Nordberg Karlsson, E. (2015) A GH57 4-α-glucanotransferase of hyperthermophilic origin with potential for alkyl glycoside production. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol, 99 (17), 7101-7113 DOI 10.1007/s00253-015-6435-2 [3GS]

5. Rather, MY, Nordberg Karlsson E, Adlercreutz P. (2015) Complexation of alkyl glycosides with α-cyclodextrin can have drastically different effects on their conversion by glycoside hydrolases. J Biotechnol, 200: 52-58 (doi: 10.1016/j.biotech.2015.02.019) [4GS]

6. Ara KZG, Lundemo P, Fridjonsson OH, Hreggvidsson GO, Adlercreutz P, Nordberg Karlsson E. (2015) A CGtase with high coupling activity using γ-cyclodextrin from a novel strain clustering under the genus Carboxydocella. Glycobiology, 25 (5): 514-523 (doi:10.1093/glycob/cwu182). [6GS]

7. Faryar R, Linares-Pastén JA, Immerzeel P, Mamo G, Andersson M, Stalbrand H, Mattiasson B, Nordberg Karlsson E (2015) Production of prebiotic xylooligosaccharides from alkaline extracted wheat straw using the K80R-variant of a thermostable alkali-tolerant xylanase Food and Bioproducts Processing 93: 1-10 (doi:10.1016/j.fbp.2014.11.004) [2W, 2GS]

8. von Schantz L, Schagerlöf H, Nordberg-Karlsson E, Ohlin M. (2014) Characterization of the substitution pattern of cellulose derivatives using carbohydrate-binding modules. BMC Biotechnol, 14:113 [1GS]

9. von Schantz L, Håkansson M, Logan DT, Nordberg Karlsson E, Ohlin M. (2014) Carbohydrate binding module recognition of xyloglucan through CH-π interactions and polar interactions with branching xyloses. Proteins, 82, 3466-3475 [3W, 5GS]

10. Falck P, Aronsson A, Grey C, Stålbrand H, Nordberg Karlsson E, Adlercreutz P (2014) Production of arabinoxylan-oligosaccharide mixtures of varying composition from rye bran by combination of process conditions and type of xylanase. Bioresource technol, 174, 118-125 [2W, 3GS]

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CV Eva Nordberg Karlsson

Curriculum Vitae : Prof Eva Nordberg Karlsson

Born 1962, Nationality: Swedish

Languages: fluent in Swedish and English, simple conversation in German.

Work adress: Biotechnology, Dept of Chemistry (KILU)

Lund University, P.O.Box 124, SE‐221 00 Lund, Sweden

Tel.: +46 46 2224626, +46 70 5279128 (mobile), +46 46 2224713 (fax)


SUMMARY: Research focus is on enzymology and molecular development of carbohydrate active enzymes

from different bacterial sources, including extremophiles for sustainable applications related to marine and

terrestrial biomass conversions (industrial and food biotechnology (producing poly/oligosaccharides,

glycosylated polyphenolic substances, surfactants etc). The work also concerns whole cell applications, e.g.

enzyme or metabolite production. Original papers include these topics, and research is supported by European,

Nordic and Swedish granting agencies. Teaching involves MSc‐ and PhD‐students on sustainable biotechnology

methods, enzymology, development and recombinant protein production, including developing

courses/exercises. CURRENT RESEARCH GROUP: 2 POST DOCs (J Linares Pasten, RRR Sardari), 6 PhD‐students (R

Faryar, E Ron, KZG Ara, D Salas Veizaga, A Aronsson, B. Shouker), 1 MSc‐Student (R Anthony).


1. Higher education degree(s): Med. Lab. Technol (Borås, 1984), MSc Biology/Biochem (Lund Uni,1991).

2. Doctoral degree: PhD engineering: Biotechnology, Lund Univ, 19990521.

3. Post doctoral positions: Marie Curie Fellow Centre for Extremophile research, University of Bath, UK, 2000‐

2001, K&A Wallenberg postdoc grant ‐ Biotechnology, Lund University, Sweden (2001‐2002).

4. From 2002 Assistant professor, Assoc professor 2005 and Senior lecturer 2008 (Biotechnol, Lund)

5. Present position: Professor in Biotechnology (mol biol), LTH, Lund Univ since 2012, currently 70%

research supported by external grants. Director of research studies (LTH, since 2009)

6. AWARDS: Personal grant Markussen foundation (1995), Marie Curie Fellow (2000), KAW‐fellow (2000‐2001),

Supervision award, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, (M. Megyeri), 2005.

9. Supervision: Previous‐ Main supervisor for 3 PhDs passed 2007 (P Turner) and 2012 (S Khan, T Pozzo).

Deputy supervisor, 9 PhDs passed between 2003‐2015 (2003, M AbouHachem; 2005, S Ramchuran; 2007, S

Deraz, L Cicortas Gunnarsson; 2012, S Lindahl, L von Schantz, E Kreuger, 2014 P Falck, 2015 P Lundemo)

and 2 Licentiates passed 2012 (F Rundbäck, K Cabero).

Graduation committee member at PhD‐level: (Swe): 15 times (2006 ‐2015), opponent twice in the period.

External examiner (abroad): 9 times (2009‐2015)