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Javier A Linares-Pasten

Senior Lecturer (Universitetslektor)

Research areas

Molecular biotechnology

Biorefinery technologies

Functional food biotechnology


My research is on the development of biocatalyst, combining computational methods, and recombinant technology. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology at The Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University. My two post-doctoral stays were in Biotechnology at Lund University, working with Profs. Eva Nordberg Karlsson and Rajni Hatti-Kaul on the investigation of enzymes and recombinant bacteria strains for the conversion of renewable feedstocks in value-added products. My Ph.D. was devoted to understanding the structure-function relationship of galactosyltransferases, supervised by Prof. Antoni Planas, at the Insitut Quimic de Sarrià (IQS), Universtiat Ramon Llull, Barcelona. I also hold a master’s degree in Food Chemistry & Technology from the IQS. I did my first cycle of studies in Biology at the Mayor de San Andrés University in La Paz. One of my recent projects aims to develop biocatalysts for recycling synthetic polymers, including plastics and textiles.


Biocatalyst engineering


KBTF15 - Bioprocess Technology (Bioprocessteknik)

KBTF10 - Environmental Biotechnology (Miljöbioteknik)

KBTF05 - Green Chemistry and Biotechnology (Grön kemi och Bioteknik)

Relevant publications

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