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Jing Liu

Associate Prof.

Research interest:
Interest in a cross-scientific field of bioengineering and industry automation with special emphasis on instrumentation, control and automation for optimization of biogas production. These include:

Development and application of new instruments, digestion and process technologies for biogas plant operation and process optimization where process criteria in terms of higher resource utilization, energy recovery, environmental benefits and operational profitability can be maximized.

Development of platform where the inherent experience and knowledge of AD process engineers can be combined with powerful analytical and computing tools to provide automated plant-wide and process supervision that enables smarter, safer and more cost efficient operation of biogas processes for energy production.

The current research focus aims at resolving the bottlenecks in the full-scale operation of anaerobic digestion processes, with a special focus on three main aspects:

Improved knowledge for exploiting the full energy potential of biomass resources by looking at different aspects of biochemical methane potential (BMP) and its standardization, developing and improving automated instruments together with the industrial partner

The development and evaluation of advanced on-line instruments and supervision strategies for a cost effective and efficient operation of biogas plants.

For more details, see project links: Renewable energy

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