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Welcome to the Division of Biotechnology

The research activities at the division of Biotechnology include areas such as enzyme technology, microbial technology, industrial biotechnology, bioseparation and bioanalysis. The division provides an inspiring environment where scientific work and education goes hand in hand with interactions with society.

A couple of recent group photos from the Division of Biotechnology

Nailing of thesis (picture 1) Roxana Quiroga Flores

Nailing of thesis (Picture 2) Reza Faryar




2020-09-24 Emanuel Ron "Rhodothermus marinus: a cell factory - Exploring products and cultivation Technologies"

2020-09-30 Ngoc Ngo "Chemoenzymatic syntheis of anionic alkyl glycosides"



2020-09-09, Zubaida Kazi Gulshan Ara

2019-12-06, Rawana Alkhalili

2019-11-15, Anna Månberger





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