Lund University


Recent dissertations:

2015-06-08 Marisa Punzi "Treatment of textile wastewater by combining biological processes and advanced oxidation"

2015-04-30 Ramin Sabet "Microbial production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid and poly (3-hydroxypropionate)" 

2015-03-31 Oksana Zaushitsyna "Cryogels based on crosslinked cells as green biocatalysts for biotechnology" 

2015-03-27 Sten Strömberg "Developments in feedstock analysis and process control for biogas production"

2015-02-25 Ally Mahadhy "Development of an Ultrasensitive Capacitive DNA-Sensor A promising tool towards microbial diagnostics"

2015-02-12 Maryam Latifian "Nutrient recovery from waste streams through struvite formation"

2014-11-21 Peter Falck "Prebiotic Oligosaccharides from Xylan - Heat Pretreatment, Xylanase Hydrolysis, Utilization by Potential Probiotics and Evaluation in a Mouse Study"

2014-11-14 Julia Wolska "Towards a Better Understanding and Control of Factors Affecting the Physical Quality of Fish Feed"