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Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology

About the Department

The department of Biotechnology is one of the largest departments of the Chemical Institute. The research activities include areas such as enzyme technology, microbial technology, industrial biotechnology, bioseparation and bioanalysis. The department provides an inspiring environment where scientific work and education goes hand in hand with interactions with society.



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Recent Doctors:

2014-03-21 Gry Ravn Jespersen will defend her thesis  "Cryogels as Solid Supports in Bioprocessing" at 13.30 pm at lecture hall B, kemicentrum. Opponent: Professor James Van Alstine, Uppsala.

2013-11-21 Cecilia Lindström will defend her thesis “Studies on the physiological effects of microbial exopolysaccharides”  at 10.30 in Lector hall B. The opponent is Prof. Hannu Salovaara from Univ.of Helsinki, Finland.

2013-12-05 Rosa Aragao Börner  will defend her thesis “Exploring anaerobic bacteria for industrial biotechnology Diversity studies, screening and biorefinery applications.” at 13.30h in Lecture hall B. The opponent is Prof. Peter Stougaard-Nielsen from Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013-12-11 Roya Rezaei  will defend her thesis “Bio-based C-3 Platform Chemical Biotechnology Production and – Conversion of 3- Hydroxypropionaldehyde” at 10.30h in Lecture hall A. The opponent is Adrie Straathof from Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.

2013-12-12 Linda Önnby  will defend her thesis “Water treatment using crygel based adsorbents – Targeting environmental pollutants at low concentration. at 13.30h in Lecture hall B. The opponent is Jon Petter Gustavsson from SLU, Uppsala, Sweden.

Kosin Teeparuksapun: Capacitive Biosensor - A Tool for Ultrasensitive Analysis - Application in Clinical Analysis and Process Monitoring

2013-10-11 Amin Bornadel: Lipase-Mediated Syntheses of Trimethylolpropane-Based Biolubricant and Cyclic Carbonate. Defense on the Friday 11th of October 2013 at 10.15 am in room K:C at the Chemical faculty, Sölvegatan 39, LTH.

2013-11-19 Gustav Rehn will defend his thesis “ω-Transaminase catalyzed synthesis of chiral amines - Process improvements through whole-cell immobilization and in situ product removal “ at 10.30 in Lecture hall B. The opponent is Prof. Andreas Liese from Technical University Hamburg, Germany.