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Welcome to the Division of Biotechnology

The division of Biotechnology is one of the largest divisions at Kemicentrum. The research activities include areas such as enzyme technology, microbial technology, industrial biotechnology, bioseparation and bioanalysis. The division provides an inspiring environment where scientific work and education goes hand in hand with interactions with society.


Current & Recent Doctors:

2014-09-18 Lesedi Lebogang "Biosensor-based methods for detection of microcystins as early warning systems"

2014-03-21 Gry Ravn Jespersen "Cryogels as Solid Supports in Bioprocessing"


2013-11-21 Cecilia Lindström "Studies on the physiological effects of microbial exopolysaccharides"  

2013-12-05 Rosa Aragao Börner  "Exploring anaerobic bacteria for industrial biotechnology Diversity studies, screening and biorefinery applications." 

2013-12-11 Roya Rezaei  "Bio-based C-3 Platform Chemical Biotechnology Production and – Conversion of 3- Hydroxypropionaldehyde” 

2013-12-12 Linda Önnby  "Water treatment using crygel based adsorbents – Targeting environmental pollutants at low concentration"

Kosin Teeparuksapun: "Capacitive Biosensor - A Tool for Ultrasensitive Analysis - Application in Clinical Analysis and Process Monitoring"

2013-10-11 Amin Bornadel: "Lipase-Mediated Syntheses of Trimethylolpropane-Based Biolubricant and Cyclic Carbonate"

2013-11-19 Gustav Rehn  "ω-Transaminase catalyzed synthesis of chiral amines - Process improvements through whole-cell immobilization and in situ product removal"